About the Cserefa Band

We play the music of the etnic group, called "Csángó" with the authentic framework enlarged by our own conceptions.
Besides the respect of the genuineness, the individiual interpretation of the moldavian music give an engaging, unique flavour our performances.

We experienced many times on the spot how important role this folkculture plays in the life of the people. Our main ambition is to mediate from this specific world and because we consider it an irreplaceable value, we would like to teach again something with our modest tools.

In the sound we look for specific resonance by completing the original instruments with newer ones.

From autumn 2004 our dance works monthly in the Arany János Cultural Centre in Győr. (Révai street 5.)

in the downloads/ mp3 menu, you find our favorite tracks in MP3 format
Hungaryan version